Maker | COder | Builder

I strive to work on unique, interesting, and meaningful projects while broadening my understanding


My goal is to succeed in rapidly iterative environments by quickly adapting to dynamic situations


Team efforts are crucial to maintaining strong motivation while learning from others


I am breadth-oriented, and always ready to gain knowledge in a field outside my own

My favorite personal projects



The L3 was our first shot at a sport-specced ebike manufactured in a repeatable method, but the most important feature was always the aesthetic!


L3 LightBike

Summer 2017 the first real, working L3 spun its tires against concrete, dirt, and anything else it its way

Cryptic Trend

Proof-of-concept dashboard for analyzing the statistical significance of social media key phrase volume metrics on the price of cryptocurrencies

Check out the repo

Morehouse  Torch

In Spring 2017, I was part of a joint-institution team of students tasked with designing and manufacturing a series of smart-torches for Morehouse College’s 150th Anniversary celebration that featured GPS-tracking, live camera streaming over cellular, and a novel gyroscopic fuel chamber to minimize spill risk

Press Release

A clean-UI-focused crypto mining monitor

NanoStats presents all your NanoPool mining accounts on one clean interface with payout and account balances front and center. It features crisply visualized statistics for worker and overall running averages over a wide range of times.

Check out the Repo


Slushie is a concept app for personal financial education that introduces potential investors to the possibility of deploying excess checking account balances

Check out the repo